Five Nights at Freddy's 5-inch Action Figure Complete Set w/ Ennard Build-A-Figure


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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location Complete Set of 5-Inch Action Figures

Comes with all 4 FNAF figures that are necessary to build your own Ennard!

Includes the complete set of all 4 figures below:
Funtime Freddy - includes right leg for Ennard
Funtime Foxy - includes left leg for Ennard
Baby - includes head and torso for Ennard
Ballora - includes arms for Ennard

Each figure comes with a Build-a-Figure piece to build your own Ennard action figure!

Each figure is in original packaging.

All 4 figures features articulation at the head, waist, elbows and knees so that you can remove parts and/or pose them. Ennard features the same ball-socket type joints as the main 4 figures. Since these are ball-socket type joints, it is possible for the limbs to become dislodged but they snap right back on. All figures are inspected before shipping  but on occasion one of the joints may dislodge during shipment however the limbs snap right back into place. These are authentic Funko brand Five Nights at Freddy's figures purchased through a reputable U.S. distributor.

Individual MPN's & UPC's
Ballora    FU13743    889698137430
Funtime Freddy    FU13741    889698137416
Baby    FU13740         889698137409
Ballora    FU13743    889698137430

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