The Last of Us Clicker Statue 1:4 Scale by Gaming Heads

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The Last of Us Clicker Statue by Gaming Heads

Limited edition of 750 pieces
Measures about 19-inches tall in 1:4 scale
Hand finished and hand painted

The striking appearance of a Clicker has been captured straight from the game, The Last of Us. At 1:4 scale the Clicker stands about a frightening 19-inches tall. Cast in high quality poly-stone and is hand finished and hand painted. Limited to only 750 pieces worldwide, The Last of Us The Clicker 1:4 Scale Statue comes in deluxe full-color packaging with a authenticity card.

In The Last of Us, Clickers are the third and most distinctly recognized stage of the Infected. They have had prolonged exposure to the fungus, and now possess strength that significantly surpasses the average human. This makes them deadlier but at the price of being completely blind due to the fungal infection overtaking their face. However, navigation is still possible using adaptive echolocation, similar to that used by most bats. This makes an eerie clicking sound, thus earning Clickers their nickname.

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